About the Project:

Climate change presents a significant challenge for National Road Administrations (NRAs), both in dealing with its impacts on their network, and in finding ways to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Changes in climate mean that NRAs are dealing with more frequent extreme weather, greater sea level rise and increased stress on infrastructure leading to higher deterioration rates. In addition, they have to meet targets aimed at reducing GHG emissions. There have been a number of research projects aimed at addressing this, both by CEDR and by others. However, putting into practice this research remains challenging, especially when it comes to establishing the business case for climate change adaptation and embedding climate change considerations into the day-to-day operations of NRAs and their supply chains.

DeTECToR set out to help NRAs implement the latest climate change research and good practice by developing two sets of decision-support tools and guidance. The first set will help NRAs integrate climate change adaptation into economic decision-making, and the second will help them to implement these decisions by embedding climate change mitigation and adaptation into their operations and procurement processes. NRAs were engaged throughout the development process to ensure that the tools and guidance were tailored to their needs and can be integrated into their existing processes. There were pilot studies to trial the products, and capture feedback on their usability.


The project commenced in September 2016 and concluded in 2019. A summary of the project outputs and descriptions of the tools can be found here.

If you are interested in using the Risk Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool or the Procurement Collaboration Platform, please contact us to arrange access.

This project was commissioned through the CEDR Transnational Research Programme.

Project Delivery Team

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